Surnames beginning with R

RACQUET, Philippe; {F}; France

REFERENCE/RESONEL, Denise; {F}; 1603-; Vancais, France

RENAUD, Guillaume; {M}
RENAUD, Guillaume; {M}; 1644-1709; St Jouin-sur-Mer, Rouen, Normandie, France
RENAUD, Jean-Bernard; {M}; 1671-1715; Quebec, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Jean-Bernard; {M}; 1708-; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Jeanne; {F}; 1700-1767; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Jeanne Elisabeth; {F}; 1682-; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Joseph; {M}; 1687-1689; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Joseph; {M}; 1692-1737; St-Bernard, Dorchester, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Louis; {M}; 1669-1735; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Louis; {M}; 1700-1703; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Louise; {F}; 1676-1708; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Madeline; {F}; 1704-1757; Village St-Antoine, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Marie Anne; {F}; 1673-1703; Quebec, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Marie Marguerite; {F}; 1685-; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Marie Thérèse; {F}; 1689-1748; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Marie-Charlotte; {F}; 1713-; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Marie-Josette; {F}; 1710-; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Marie-Louise; {F}; 1716-; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Marie-Maguerite; {F}; 1702-1702; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Pierre; {M}; 1679-1721; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Pierre; {M}; 1711-; Charlesbourg, PQ, Canada
RENAUD, Thérèse; {F}; 1705-; Village St-Antoine, PQ, Canada

RENAULD, Colombe; {F}; France

RICHAUME, Barbe; {F}; 1659-1725; Montreal, PQ, Canada
RICHAUME, Elisabeth; {F}; 1666-1703; Montreal, PQ, Canada
RICHAUME, Pierre; {M}; 1636-1713; Montreal, PQ, Canada
RICHAUME, Simon; {M}; 1600-1655; Hiers-Brouage, Saintonge, France

RITON, Marie; {F}; 1623-1660; Poitou, France
RITON, Robert; {M}; 1599-; France

ROBERT, Francois; {M}
ROBERT, Jacques; {M}; 1717-; Boucherville, PQ, Canada
ROBERT, Marguerite; {F}

ROLLEVILLE, Guillemette; {F}; -1694; France

ROSEE/ROUZE, Jehan; {M}; 1598-; France
ROSEE/ROUZE, Marguerite; {F}; 1615-1685; St. Jacques de Jauze, France

ROUGEAU, Archange; {F}
ROUGEAU, Charlotte; {F}
ROUGEAU, Francoise; {F}; 1692-; Boucherville, PQ, Canada
ROUGEAU, Jean Baptiste; {M}
ROUGEAU, Jean Baptiste; {M}; 1652-1719; Angers, France
ROUGEAU, Jean Baptiste; {M}; 1701-; Boucherville, PQ, Canada
ROUGEAU, Jean Baptiste; {M}; 1728-; Boucherville, PQ, Canada
ROUGEAU, Joseph; {M}
ROUGEAU, Joseph; {M}; 1766-; Varennes, Vercheres, PQ, Canada
ROUGEAU, Josephte; {F}
ROUGEAU, Louis; {M}
ROUGEAU, Madeleine; {F}; 1705-; Boucherville, PQ, Canada
ROUGEAU, Marguerite; {F}
ROUGEAU, Marie Anne; {F}
ROUGEAU, Monique; {F}
ROUGEAU, Pierre; {M}
ROUGEAU, Pierre; {M}; France
ROUGEAU, Pierre; {M}; 1696-; Varennes, Vercheres, PQ, Canada

ROY, Anne; {F}; 1676-1744; Laprairie, PQ, Canada
ROY, Catherine; {F}; 1678-1700; Laprairie, PQ, Canada
ROY, Charles; {M}; 1615-; St. Michel, LaRochelle, France
ROY, Francois; {M}; 1691-; Laprairie, PQ, Canada
ROY, François; {M}; 1630-; France
ROY, Guillaume; {M}; 1697-; Quebec, PQ, Canada
ROY, Jacques; {M}; 1695-1773; Quebec, PQ, Canada
ROY, Jacques; {M}; 1730-; Repentigny, PQ, Canada
ROY, Jean; {M}; 1699-1699; Quebec, PQ, Canada
ROY, Jean-Baptiste; {M}; 1703-1749; Répentigny, PQ, Canada
ROY, Jean-Louis; {M}; 1701-1702; Quebec, PQ, Canada
ROY, Joseph; {M}; 1666-1719; Poitou, France
ROY, Joseph; {M}; 1706-1729; Répentigny, PQ, Canada
ROY, Louis; {M}; 1700-1700; Quebec, PQ, Canada
ROY, Madeleine; {F}; 1684-1726; Laprairie, PQ, Canada
ROY, Madeline; {F}; 1708-; Répentigny, PQ, Canada
ROY, Marie Geneviéve Josette; {F}
ROY, Marie-Joseph; {F}; 1712-; Répentigny, PQ, Canada
ROY, Pierre; {M}; 1638-1721; St. Michel-La Clem, Poitou, France
ROY, Pierre; {M}; 1678-1743; Montreal, PQ, Canada
ROY, Pierre; {M}; 1710-1729; Répentigny, PQ, Canada
ROY, Theodore-Marie; {M}; 1695-1695; Quebec, PQ, Canada

{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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