Surnames beginning with F

FANEUF, Addie C.; {F}; 1865-1865; North Pomfret, VT
FANEUF, Capitola H.; {F}; 1863-; Hartford, VT
FANEUF, Charles; {M}; 1852-1878; Pomfret, VT
FANEUF, Clara M.; {F}; 1870-; Royalton, VT
FANEUF, Clara Melissa; {F}; 1860-1861
FANEUF, Dostie; {M}; 1824-1908; ,PQ, Canada
FANEUF, Dostie, Jr.; {M}; 1845-1896; Randolf, VT
FANEUF, Edmund L.; {M}; 1861-1912; Pomfret, VT
FANEUF, Ella; {F}; 1868-; Royalton, VT
FANEUF, Emma Julia; {F}; 1858-1936; Pomfret, VT
FANEUF, Eugene Gerald; {M}; 1848-; Berlin, VT
FANEUF, George; {M}; 1856-1862; , VT
FANEUF, Henry; {M}; 1850-1873; Pomfret, VT
FANEUF, Julie M.; {M}; 1857-1862; North Pomfret Cemetery, North Pomfret, VT
FANEUF, Melvina; {F}; 1854-1854; , VT

FAYANDE, Jeanne; {F}; 1600-; France

FELIX, Scholastique; {F}


FRANCHE, Eustache; {M}
FRANCHE, Suzanne; {F}

{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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